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Maurice Delbar is an entrepreneur and expert in the temporary employment industry, who began his career in Poland in the late 90s after completing postgraduate studies in Polish language at the Catholic University of Lublin. In 1997, he founded Connexio, the third temporary employment agency in Poland outside of Warsaw, based in Łódź. Meanwhile, the temporary employment market in Poland was quickly expanding, with a growing number of agencies, not all of them operating ethically. In 2002, Maurice Delbar, along with the heads of several other agencies, founded the Association of Temporary Employment Agencies (ZAPT). He served on the association's board for eight years. During this time, he participated in the work of the tripartite commission (comprising representatives of employers, temporary employment agencies, and labor unions), which developed the initial version of the temporary employment law (which remains in force in its final version to this day).

In 2003, with the enactment of the temporary employment law, ZAPT joined the International Confederation of Temporary Employment Agencies (Confederation des Entreprises de Travail Temporaire, abbreviated as CIETT), and Maurice Delbar represented ZAPT in both CIETT and EuroCIETT (the structure of the same confederation, but covering only European countries).

In the same year, the international investment group SOLVUS acquired the agency founded by Maurice Delbar, and the Connexio brand was replaced by Crey’s. Maurice Delbar took on the role of General Manager.

In 2006, Maurice Delbar was elected to the EuroCIETT Board and served in that capacity for two consecutive terms until 2010.

In 2007, SOLVUS was acquired by the international group USG People – Maurice Delbar continued his work as General Manager of Start People Polska.

The following year, along with other members of the EuroCIETT board, he was a signatory to the European Temporary Work Directive, resulting from years of negotiations (in which he actively participated) with the European Union Trade Union.

Maurice Delbar concluded his career as General Manager at Start People Polska in 2011, after Randstad acquired a large stake in USG People. At that time, the agency had 35 branches, employed 180 staff, and provided temporary employment services to 350 clients monthly in Poland.

In 2013, Maurice Delbar founded MD S.O.S – a proprietary brand based on his extensive experience in coordinating comprehensive projects in the field of temporary employment and employee outsourcing, involving factors such as collaboration with multiple APTs, multiple locations, and a large number of temporary employees. The company’s goal is to support cooperation between users of temporary employment and temporary employment agencies by optimizing their organization and continuously improving project profitability.


We strive to increase the responsiveness of agencies and motivate them to deliver the highest quality services. Our work is based on effective collaboration


Our innovative approach to time management makes collaboration smoother and allows clients to focus on key aspects of development


Our method gives our clients full control over the process. We verify the invoices sent by the agencies and develop a system of monthly financial reports

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we save our clients at least this much from their APT turnovers each month

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