We are optimizing your cooperation with employment agencies

Greater control, quality, and profitability of temporary labor and personnel outsourcing projects.


The success of temporary labor projects depends on numerous factors, over which no single party in the project has complete control. Therefore, it is crucial to refine professional and precise control tools and continuous process optimization to ensure that the qualitative and financial objectives associated with cooperation with employment agencies can be met.
The MD S.O.S temporary labor project management model, based on three pillars: Methodology, Coordination, Platform, is a unique solution in the market, guaranteeing full control over collaboration with employment agencies, both for small and the most complex projects.

DIAPSON Platform

The proprietary DIAPASON platform coordinates all stages of cooperation between the Employer User and Temporary Employment Agencies.



Order planning

Staff planning

Employment history






MD S.O.S. specializes in managing comprehensive personnel outsourcing projects. We assist our partners from organizing their cooperation with Temporary Employment Agencies to its full coordination.

MD S.O.S offers a full range of temporary labor project management services: Temporary Employment Agency Management:

Standardization of processes

  • Audit of practice
  • Creation of Methodology for cooperation between Employer User and Temporary Employment Agencies.

Temporary Employment Agency Management

  • Monitoring of Temporary Employment Agency services
  • Coordination of communication between Employer User and Temporary Employment Agencies
  • Temp pooling

Settlements with Temporary Employment Agencies

  • Verification of invoices issued by Temporary Employment Agencies for the Employer User
  • Consolidated financial reports
  • Measuring KPI's
  • Benchmarking of Temporary Employment Agencies
  • Calculation of reserves

Tenders for Temporary Employment Agencies

  • Organization
  • Selection of Temporary Employment Agencies
  • Negotiation management
  • Supervision over documentation (contracts, GDPR)


  • Market salary research
  • Temporary Employment Agency market research
  • Business consulting regarding the Polish and international temporary labor market
  • Legal advisory

Maurice Delbar Staffing Outsourcing Solutions

We specialize in optimizing temporary labor and outsourcing projects to increase their profitability.

Our innovative approach focuses on savings and efficiency while maintaining high-quality services.

The company’s founder, Maurice Delbar, with 25 years of experience in the industry, has identified key challenges and created solutions perfectly tailored to the dynamic market needs.

Our goal is to simplify management with agencies so that our clients can focus on developing their businesses.